Because here’s what that looks like:

You Need More Than Just Your Organic Results, But Your Daily To-Do List Is Already Maxed Out.

And adding “become ad manager” to your resume isn’t going to do your growing business any favors. 

The stress and overwhelm of the “click here, install this, optimize for what” ad process

Spending hours on YouTube trying to learn a whole new skillset

Wasting days and weeks running a campaign that yields crappy results

And you don’t have to do it yourself 

I’ll do it for you

You Can Step Into Your Badass Boss Era Without Losing Your Shit

You can start small and attainable. 
You can have confidence that your ads are designed to WORK for you. 
You can make big money moves with a shallow pocket budget. 

and hold your hand every step of the way

With one-time ad campaign design + implementation for coaches, consultants, e-commerce shops, and online entrepreneurs.

Ad Strategy

Ad Creative + Design Deliverables

LIVE DFY Ad Implementation

Ad Optimization Guidance

30 Days of Voxer Support

Welcome To The One-Time VIP Ad Experience

The Done-For-You Ad Campaign Build-Out + Dedicated Support To Accelerate Your Lead Generation and Sales.

Like it did for Dani, who was generating 100 new subscribers a day after her VIP Ad Experience.

You don’t need to GUESS. You don’t have to WAIT. And you don’t have to do ANY of it.

In Just Two Calls With Me, This Will Be Off Your Plate And Pulling In Money. 

Founder of Litchfield Media, digital marketing strategist, automation queen, and funnel consultant to creative online entrepreneurs. 

I run a digital marketing agency that specializes in creating + implementing + managing strategic ad campaigns that generate bankable paydays. I've seen the backend of hundreds of ad accounts, and I know what works and what is fluffy BS.

Hi! I’m Melissa Litchfield

Get lost in the tedious maze that is Meta ad implementation

DIY an ad campaign held together with digital duct tape and dreams

Pour money into ads that don’t generate enough leads

Pour money into ads that only get you the WRONG leads

I don’t want to see you…

It’s time to stop deliberating about what’s possible and start implementing what’s NECESSARY to grow your business -

more specifically, your leads and sales

To all the BADASS CEOS who are ready to stop wondering IF you can do this, IF it’ll pay off, and IF you can fit it in the budget…

This is for you

The One-Time VIP Ad Experience

 trying to figure it out when you could just get it DONE with 

Don’t waste ANOTHER week (month, year)



You already have converting offers. You’re already seeing organic traction. 

But you’re tired of getting low-level, basic results.

It’s time to put some skin in the game so you can WIN. 

To this day she’s spent $1,500 on ads and has booked over $26,950 in agency revenue - she has to turn OFF ads at this point. Not only has she 6x'ed her investment but she has multiple ad campaigns to reuse in the future.

Her first client post-Ad VIP Experience was worth $2,800. And they were ready to GO.

Where Is Hayleye Now 6 Months Post Our Ad VIP Experience?

Accelerate your lead and sales with paid ads you don’t have to implement yourself WITHOUT paying for a pricey ad retainer. 

No more waiting

No more hoping

No more guessing

This is the investment that keeps on giving. Now is the time to pour that jet fuel on your offer and light up your business

Melissa will be helping you take ownership of YOUR ads and keep them humming along.

30 Days of Voxer Support

YAY! Your ads are live, now what?! We’ll cover all of that too. 

Ad Optimization Guidance

You and I will meet up LIVE, and you’ll watch as I implement everything you need to get your ads up and running. Don’t want to join live? This implementation call is optional.

Live DFY Ad Implementation

My team will develop the graphics, headlines, and copy needed to attract those clicks.

Ad Creative + Design Deliverables

Ad Strategy

First, we’ll talk strategy and create a campaign that’s perfectly suited to your business and your goals.

I’ll Get The Ball Rolling For You

All You Have To Do Is Pick Up Where We Left Off and WATCH It All Roll In.


Once they’re all turned on and LIVE, you have full reign of your ad account and can keep track of the performance on your own. 

Manage Your Campaign


Here, you and I will cover everything we need to know before building out your ads. Strategy, budget, targeting, demographics - ALL of it. 

You’ll walk away with a checklist of pre-work that must be completed before the implementation call. This will be easy stuff like sharing access to your ad account, sending log-ins, etc. 


Here’s how it works:


After you purchase your Ad VIP Experience, you’ll meet with me and my copywriter, and we’ll get you fully onboarded and familiar with our tools and processes. 


This is the path to create the leverage you need in order to get more out of your audience and your offer. 

If you already have a proven product or offer…

If you’ve already had a live launch, but you're ready to test paid traffic

If you’ve been testing your offer with organic traffic and you’re ready to boost your lead gen efforts

SOLD! I'm ready for next steps

If You’re Not Ready To Commit To A 90-Day Ad Management Retainer…


Now, it’s the good stuff. I’ve got all the logins, account access, and deliverables I need to create your campaign. We’ll do this together on a LIVE call where I do ALL the heavy lifting. 

We’ll also cover ad optimization and performance thresholds and answer any of your burning questions. Want another team member to attend? Done. Want me to handle the reins without ya? Done. This call is optional.

Implementation Call


Here’s where I remain available for you for an additional 30 days. I’ll provide dedicated support, feedback, and guidance on everything related to your ads and how to keep them efficient and affordable.

30 Days of Voxer Support

You’ll Get A Taste Of What It’s Like To Work With A World-Class Agency Like Mine, But Without Paying For A Retainer



YES! I’m Ready For The Ad VIP Experience

Let’s do this together.

So you can move
beyond the basics

Payment Plans Available!



*2 Payments of $2,499