Is paid traffic the right next step for your offer?

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When You Have The Right Strategy, Paid Traffic Doesn’t Have To Be A Gamble

It just requires the right game plan.

Hi! Meet your official game plan (Team Litchfield Media).

If you want to scale your business to multiple-six or seven figures, you need a proven and effective marketing strategy. One that’s implemented and managed by an expert team. 


At Litchfield Media, We Specialize In Live-Launches, Evergreen Funnels and Turning Low-Ticket Offers Into Massive Paydays.

And we do it ALL. DAY. LONG. With…

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Big-Picture Marketing Strategy

One that gets you where you’re going now AND where you’re going NEXT. 


Done For You Ad Copy

So you never have to figure out what to say and how to say it because we’ll say it for you and make you sound great.


Targeted + Branded Ad Images and Videos

Because visuals are EVERYTHING and the wrong ones will cost you.


Long-Term Ad Campaign Management and Ad Scaling Strategies

Like we’re in your back office, keeping the traffic coming, the clicks clicking, and the money coming in.


Daily Account Optimization + Weekly Data Reporting and Analytics

To keep you up to date on all the account activity plus a comprehensive breakdown of what it all means.


Monthly Strategy Calls With Melissa Litchfield

Here’s where we’ll strategize your next steps and new offers.


That’s how we get results for our clients. A long-term and cohesive marketing strategy combined with a highly appealing offer that’s tested against organic and paid advertising. 

This is how you learn what works for your audience and your business. That’s how you grow your audience or warm up the one you have. That’s how you boost webinar or challenge registrations.

That’s how you convert followers and traffic into paying clients.

Strategy + Offer + Testing = Payday

It’s how you can plan your next six-figure payday.

And what does this payday mean for my clients?
This is life and biz changing type of cash that has led too…
Having a down payment for their first home purchase,
Hiring their spouse and bringing them inside of the biz,
Hiring a new dream team member,
Taking that trip to Paris that they’ve always dreamed of,

And so much more.

Listen, that payday is never going to come if you don’t GO GET IT.

"I've been wanting to run Facebook ads for my business for a very long time, but every time I tried to figure it out on my own, I would get frustrated and confused and not really know what I needed to do to see results. That's why I'm so glad I found Melissa. She demystified the whole process and made it so easy to figure out what I needed to do to generate results, up-level my business, and increase my traffic with Facebook ads."

Kate Rosewell, Business Consultant

Like Kate did...

And Tina? We turned her $20k investment into $326,321 in revenue.

And Gemma raked in a six-figure launch with 10x ROAS.

"The Litchfield Media team is incredible at what they do. They have been running the paid ads for my online business for over a year and we've had great success. Their communication is excellent, the team takes initiative, and best of all - the ROI has been positive! Would absolutely recommend to other online business owners."

Gemma Bonham-Carter
Online Courses, Marketing, Business Coach

Download The 10X ROAS Case Study Here

All of their businesses are thriving, growing, and scaling to seven-figures and beyond. 

They're firmly planted in the CEO seat at the table, sticking to their zone of genius and delivering on their killer offers. 

They’re cashing in on their revenue and enjoying the payday from their profitable launches. 

They’re turning that success into new offers, a bigger team, and creating more time in their schedule. 

That could be you, too!

Ready To Plan Your Next Profitable Launch with Paid Traffic?

We’ll evaluate where you’re at now and where you want to be.  

Let’s go after your profitable launch together!

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