Which ad creative performed the best.

Specific steps we took during this launch - all laid out. 

Every tweak we made from the previous launch to get the profitable glow-up.

Every penny we spent and where.






Every step of the sales funnel and ALL the juicy
conversion rates. 


What A Highly Profitable Launch Really Looks Like

This is a never-before-seen, behind-the-scenes reveal of

All of it

You’ll get to see…

Who Is Brandee?

She is also the brains and beauty behind a thriving online mentorship program for wedding providers of all stages.

The Litchfield Media team has been working with Brandee for more than a year to build and grow the sales funnel for her online mentorship program.

And it’s been a RESOUNDING success! 

Brandee is a 20+ year veteran in the wedding industry and runs one of the largest and most sought-after planning firms in Orlando, FL.

Wedding CEO Accelerator

The Program

LIVE Webinar Sales Funnel

The Funnel


The 3x Results: Total Income Generated


ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)

These aren’t vague, theoretical numbers.

This was Brandee’s SECOND live launch EVER of her webinar sales funnel.
How many live launches have you attempted?

I don’t want you to build another funnel or create a single funnel asset until you see THIS -
Until you KNOW what works and what doesn’t.


Why should you care about Brandee’s launch metrics?

This is a backdoor, VIP pass to how a highly profitable sales funnel works.

What makes it generate THOUSANDS in booked and banked revenue.

The tweaks we made to this launch to TRIPLE the revenue from the first. 

I will show you EXACTLY what works with the lady of the hour, Brandee herself!

And what have been the results so far?

And the profit after ad spend?

Founder of Litchfield Media, digital marketing strategist, automation queen, and funnel consultant to creative online entrepreneurs. 

I run a digital marketing agency that specializes in creating profitable sales funnels and turning proven offers into massive paydays.

I've personally seen the backend of over 300 converting funnels, and I know how to make the biggest impact without losing your shirt on ads. 

Hi! I’m Melissa Litchfield

That's where I come in

It also has to CONVERT.

And generate life-changing PROFITS.

Building a sales funnel is only Half The Battle

What we changed from launch 1 to launch 2

Our "double dip" strategy for leads from ads

Plus, the details of signature Litchfield Media methods

Our ad campaign timeline

Ad budget breakdown per campaign

Best performing ad creative

Best performing audiences

Email CTR (click-through rates)

Landing page conversion rates

Webinar landing page conversion rates

Webinar show-up rates

Offer conversion rates

Email open rates

Here’s Everything You’ll Get To See In This Recorded BTS Reveal

It’s all going down in this on-demand training

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