So helpful. Would have never been able to do this myself.

Saved me hours of staring at a screen till midnight.

Is the ROI even worth it?

Let Me Ask You A Philosophical Question...

If an ad costs you

40 hours of work

$500 in contractor fees

and, uh, all of your sanity

to make friends with their Facebook Ads Manager. 

Between the painstaking amount of time it takes to build a campaign and the frustration of seeing your numbers not move, advertising in the age of social media can crush some serious spirits.

So, if you're tired of the struggle and want someone who gets it to take your hand and lead the way.

Book a 2-Hour Intensive with yours truly and we'll get your ads doing what they're supposed to be doing.

I see so many entrepreneurs struggling 


I got exactly what I needed in a timely, efficient and effective way. Plus she used some of our remaining hour together to set up some additional tech for me, which was really amazing.


This Is What My Clients Said

About Their Extensive Experience

2-Hour Intensive Call

In this 1:1 consulting session, we'll strategize and build a killer ad campaign from the ground up. You'll bring your branding images, offer URLs and ad account access, and I'll show you how to turn your assets into a lead generating ad machine. 

Every 2-Hour Intensive is customized to your offer, your industry, and,
 of course, your goals.

 2 Hour Intensives are great for lead magnet ad campaigns. If you're looking to run ads to a live or evergreen webinar you will need to book an Ad VIP Experience instead.

Whether you're looking to retarget for an upcoming launch or set up a lead generation machine that you can run yourself, you'll leave with a clear understanding of how to optimize your ad campaign and what to look for.

Plus, you'll get two weeks of Voxer or WhatsApp access to make sure you have all the support you need to take your campaign from likes to conversions.

Book Yours for $997

your friendly neighborhood Ad Specialist.

As founder and CEO of Litchfield Media, I've spent the past seven years helping entrepreneurs cut through the nonsense and up their ad game through strategic planning, smart targeting, and innovative ad copy. With 70+ high-converting funnels and over 1 million dollars in ad spend management under my belt, I've learned what it takes to make your prospects click.

I'm passionate about helping my clients see success in their campaigns. So if you wanna stop wasting your time and money on Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn ā€” or any other platform ā€” and finally experience the ROI you dreamed of, I'm your gal. 

Hi! Iā€™m Melissa Litchfield

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need prior to the intensive?

You do need landing pages, ad copy, and email automations finalized before our scheduled ad intensive. You will get to use my ad graphic designer for 6 static ad images! Please note that we will not have enough time to set up a live webinar ad campaign or an evergreen webinar ad campaign. For webinars I also suggest doing a second campaign for retargeting. An Ad VIP Experience would be a better fit for this.

Is this for service providers or coaches?

BOTH! Are you wanting to learn how to set up an ad campaign for your clients? Are you a service provider wanting to grow your list or drive calls from an ad? Are you needing to grow your list before your next live launch? Both scenarios are applicable to 2 hour intensives.

Ready to roll up your sleeves with me!

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