Email Lists VS. a HUGE Social Media Following

I’ve come across a few potential clients lately that solely focus on social media growth. While that’s gravy and all I don’t think that should be your main focus. Having a large social media following is great but would you be able to SELL to this audience?


Would they even see your posts or stories?

Would you be working AGAINST the algorithm?

What IF you had an engaged email list of 500 and 100 of those people on your list bought your product??

Um, YAS please! {sign me up}

I’m all over that. An email list is real estate you own, versus a social media following that you’re renting.

What IF you had a list of people who purchased already on your email list? You could then send an email to those qualified buyers about your new product or service. After all, they already LOVE your products and they are more than likely to buy from you again.

Email lists aren’t dead.
Webinars aren’t dead.
Facebook ads aren’t dead.

You just gotta WERK. Folks are a little more educated on sales funnels these days. So if you have a shitty offer….they ain’t buying.

IS this the truth??

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