The TOP 3 Mistakes You’re Making in Your Ad Campaigns

I recently did a free audit on an ad account for a friend. Going over what ads they ran as they asked why they might not be working etc. It reminded me that I see the same mistakes over and over and OVER for years now in people’s ad accounts. So here’s my top tips about what you might be doing that is making your campaigns under perform…



Don’t load up your interests so heavy. It doesn’t work as well anymore, unless this is 2015 please stop right now✋. I’ve gone into accounts and I see 20, 30, 40+ interests, spanning 4 or 5 market categories. This makes it very challenging to see what interests are actually working and which ones aren’t.

2. NOT ENOUGH AUDIENCES (Saved, Custom or Lookalike)

Most accounts aren’t utilizing Custom Audiences and even if they do they are not set up properly OR not being used effectively at all. This is really hurting the success of your ads. You need to understand how to use these, in what order and which ones are even relevant to your objective.


On top of everything above, I see accounts that only have one version of copy, with one image and one headline. If you’re doing all these mistakes then yes, this is probably why you haven’t seen results yet. If you’re limited on budget and can only test one ad set at a time, you can always split test two different headlines. After all that is the first thing that people see in their feed.

I hope this helps you in you Facebook Ad journey!

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