Clubhouse Creators First Accelerator Program

Today Clubhouse turns One!!! Happy 1st Birthday to the audio only app that has taken the world by storm and changed the game for business owners to connect and network.  

If you’re not familiar with the audio only app you can get all the details HERE

Clubhouse is continuously updating their platform (can you believe they are still in the beta phase?!), so make sure to check for app updates frequently so you can stay in the loop and make sure your app options are up to date.

Here are TWO BIG Updates that released over the last week that you want to know about ASAP!




Clubhouse released a new Pilot Program, Clubhouse Creators First. This pilot program is by application only and the deadline to apply for this opportunity is March 31, 2021

Click HERE to access the application

Directly from the Clubhouse Creator First Application:

“Clubhouse Creator First is an accelerator program designed to help aspiring creators on Clubhouse host amazing conversations, build their audience, and monetize.”

This opportunity comes with perks provided to you directly from the Clubhouse team, here is a quick break down (Full description can be found HERE):

  • Equipment support. If you need a new iPhone, iPod or AirPod Pros, they will send them to you . They also hinted that android is coming soon!

  • Help promoting your show

  • A monthly stipend and support matching you with brands

Key things you will want to have before you apply:

  • You need to have a Clubhouse account to apply

  • They want to know all the platforms you currently use to create content

  • A general feel for what you current reach is

  • Would you have a Co-host?

  • Be ready to provide details about the show you want to create

  • A sample audio recording

  • Any assets you can provide

  • Selecting from a list of tools that could be helpful for you to use on Clubhouse

  • The topic your show will focus on

Don’t forget to Apply HERE by March 31, 2021

Clubhouse Clubs: How to Create a Club INSIDE the Clubhouse App!


Before this big update for the app, you had to apply to create a club and your application had to manually be approved. Now you can create your own club inside the app which is a much faster process. Follow these steps to create your own club:



Want to join my club? YAS we have such an awesome crew that is currently 5.2K members strong! You can join directly here or you can check out our website.

Want to enroll in the best mini-course EVER?! If you are a business owner looking to leverage Clubhouse for lead gen and $$$, then enroll in Clubhouse for CEOs.

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