How I Landed My First In-Person Speaking Gig When I Wasn’t Even Trying To

If you know anything about me at all, you know I am a podcast gal. I listen to them, I host them, I guest-appear on them, they’re my favorite. I am comfortable on a podcast. 

So how did I find myself at an in-person speaking gig for military members and families in New Orleans? Let’s back up to the book that kicked it all off. 

A Book I’m Crazy About

Back in 2019, my active-duty military husband ordered a book from Amazon called Military House Hacking: How to Live for Free, Earn Passive Income and Create Generational Wealth. 

Once it was delivered, he unceremoniously tossed it at me as I sat lounging on our couch in our new Savannah, Georgia, rental. As he tossed, he said, “I bought this for you to read. You should read it.

A very uninspiring recommendation, to say the least. I gave it the old eye roll and an “okayyyyyyy” but then it got interesting. 

I actually read the entire book that same day. It was an easy read and a topic I was already fascinated by – real estate. 

In 2019, I had JUST started my business, and we had JUST made yet another cross-country move. Because my business was so new, there was quite literally zero income that I could report in order to qualify for a loan. 

My business was making money, but banks are more interested in consistency and longevity. They typically require at least two years worth of income reported in order to apply for or qualify for a home loan. This left us just with my husband’s military income.

This is the journey we were on when I read this book. Just a couple of military renters looking for their next place to call home. 

Needless to say, we didn’t purchase the biggest or most expensive home in Savannah. But we did find a reasonably priced gem in a sought-after neighborhood that we’re in love with.

The Podcast

Once I burned through the book, I was lit with a new motivation to buy a second home and dug into everything the brand behind the book had to offer. That included their podcast. 

Naturally, my marketing brain kicked in, and I thought their podcast would make a great new platform for me and vice versa. I was not only a consumer of their content, but I knew I could bring valuable insights based on my own personal experience and my background. 

I crafted a killer pitch and included some very specific points. I focused primarily on how their book changed my real estate portfolio and on the value I knew I could bring to their audience. Plus, I threw in a few podcast topic ideas too.

It worked! We connected via email and began building a relationship from there. But I got a little more than I bargained for with this pitch. 

After considering my marketing experience and hearing my success story, the CEO asked if I was interested in speaking at their in-person conference in New Orleans. 

You guessed it; I said YES! I was so excited to speak in front of active-duty military members and military spouses and share my experience.

My goal was to not only share “here’s what I did” information but truly make it valuable to them and provide market insights, helpful resources, and encouragement to get started on their own. Side note, it also turned into an affiliate marketing opportunity for me which doesn’t hurt. 

Here’s How You Can Do It Too

Landing a guest spot on a podcast is certainly simpler than landing an in-person gig. However, if you plan your pitch targets strategically, you could land both. 


Get your pens and pencils or spreadsheets ready and find aligned brands and market-adjacent providers with whom you may share a target market. Narrow it down to those that have a podcast (there are SO many podcasts these days, you should find several options). 

If in-person speaking gigs are more your style, focus your outreach efforts only on those that host in-person events. These will be fewer in number, especially post-pandemic, but they’re certainly out there. 

Shortcut: You can also reverse-engineer this process and start by looking for in-person events and then look for podcasts and potential partners. 

Listen and Consume 

Take in as many of their resources as possible. Take notes, apply it, share it, and engage with them online and via email. This strategy won’t be as effective if you only listen to it once today and pitch it tomorrow. Invest some time into this. 

Lead With Them

“I want to be on your podcast” isn’t a pitch. You must make it appealing to them. And what appeals to them is what brings value and meaning to their audience. 

Explain how their content impacted your business or your life. Give before and after and mirror their language back to them. 

Pitch To Win 

Show what VALUE you can provide to THEIR audience. Frame it as a mutual benefit to them, you, and their audience. 

If possible, prepare an outline or resources in advance to share with them and reveal more about you and your expertise. Sell yourself a bit but don’t overdo it.

The more prepared and invested you appear, the more likely they are to have you on their podcast -or at their in-person event.

Would I Do It Again?

Absolutely! I thoroughly enjoyed the process and met some amazing people along the way. I highly recommend you take the opportunity to speak in person if you’re presented with it.

Happy pitching!

Active Duty Military and Military Spouses Read Here

If you’re interested in learning more about “Military House Hacking: How to Live for Free, Earn Passive Income and Create Generational Wealth” and the Active Duty Passive Income offers, you can get the book on Amazon here or listen to my guest podcast episode here.

When I tell you that this experience changed my portfolio and my life, you have to know that it’s just as possible for you too. We did it with on one income, and so can you. 

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