Not Ready For Paid Ads? Here Are 7 Organic Webinar-Filling Tactics

As much as I love paid marketing strategies (because they work), I know better than anyone that it’s all about timing. No, hell did not freeze over. Yes, I’m talking about organic marketing strategies. It’s your lucky day!

If your webinar is how you fill your sales pipeline, how you fill your webinar pipeline is mission-critical. Where does your audience come from? And more importantly, will they buy from you? Here are seven organic webinar-filling tactics you can begin implementing today to fill your upcoming webinar or masterclass.

#1 Social Profile Optimization

Your social media profile is the low-hanging fruit of registration strategies. Make sure every platform you’re on has a registration link. You can also use a link compiler tool like LinkTree, Tap Bio, Linkin.Bio, etc., to give curious newcomers or raving fans easy access to everything you do. 

Don’t forget to optimize the other elements of your profiles, such as your Facebook cover photo, Instagram Story Highlights, YouTube About section, etc. Every piece of social media real estate should leverage to point your ideal customer in the right direction. 

#2 Talk About It

Have you seen those Reels and TikToks with the audio file “you have to talk about your business to have a business?” This is me telling you that you have to talk about your business to have a business. You have to spread the word and show that you’re invested and credible.

I recommend that you talk about your offer at least once per week in feed posts or stories. From here, you will direct any engaged participants to your bio link in your newly optimized profile. As you talk about your business and grow your ideal customer audience, these numbers will grow too.

#3 Facebook Groups

Facebook groups aren’t dead. They’re just as alive as ever, and many are full of people who will gladly pay for your services or expertise. Stay active in your own group or other market-adjacent or aligned groups.

Start meaningful conversations related to relevant topics you cover. Be sure to double-check the rules about promo posts or get approval from admins before sharing any links. If you’re careful to engage authentically with humans with the intent to add value and encourage or educate, this is FB group best practice. 

#4 Plan A PR Tour

It sounds much more glamorous than it has to be. For myself, I prefer podcast tours, but a digital PR tour could also include live interviews on Instagram or Facebook, YouTube guest appearances, social media takeovers, TikTok Duets, and even guest posting on blogs. 

It’s important to remember why you’re there and be sure to plug your webinar or promote your freebie and recruit people to your email list. If allowed, share your registration link or LinkTree list in the comments section, podcast notes, or post description. 

#5 SEO

Search engine optimization is a long game. But if done well, it is an incredibly powerful traffic-driving tool. 

Enhance the SEO content on your website, address technical SEO challenges, and keep producing intent-based high-quality content for your blog. But before changing anything, be sure to dedicate a significant amount of time to keyword research. 

Somehow, we’ve gotten this deep without mentioning Pinterest. The digital pinning board platform is a wildly effective channel for organic traffic. The same SEO rules apply as far as keyword research, plus the added element of appealing graphics and board organization. Take the time to make this a priority!

#6 Write A Book

I’m not talking about the next great American novel. I’m talking about a book that supports your position as an expert in your niche and creates an additional connection with your audience. 

You can write it yourself or hire a ghostwriter from any one of the many online freelancer platforms and publish it as an ebook on Amazon KDP, Barnes & Noble, IngramSpark, or other digital book platforms. 

At the end of the book, use digital real estate to promote your webinar or freebie and drive traffic to your links. Maybe you’re thinking: “this is a lot of work to get traffic into your free webinar”, let’s flip the script for a moment. 

Calculate the lifetime value of a customer. Calculate the cost of having a book ghostwritten and published for you (roughly $500-$1200). If your book brings you even one to five clients, will it pay for itself? Do the math and do what makes sense.

In addition, writing and publishing a book is huge online street cred and it gives you something new to talk about.

#7 Host A Virtual Summit

This one is fun! As you network your way through online groups, develop partnerships, and meet other aligned entrepreneurs and influencers, collaborate on a value-driven summit for your shared target audience.

This online event should be well organized and designed to get the audience a practical win or actionable path to get their win. Definitely make time for a practice run before going live. 

Each of you will share and educate on your particular area of expertise, bringing in your individual audiences. During or after the live event, pitch your webinar to the attendees and drive traffic to your registration page. 

Now Go Organic 

These organic strategies are the perfect solution to fill the gap before you’re ready for paid advertising. When you are ready for paid advertising, I’m your gal! My team and I have managed hundreds of thousands of dollars in ad spend and have earned our clients multiple six-figure launches. 

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