Building Automated Sales Systems To Help Your Funnel Operate On Autopilot

If you’re anything like my evergreen funnel community of clients and online mentors, you probably started selling your services on Instagram, Facebook, or even TikTok. But hanging out in the DM’s is exhausting and time-consuming. 

If you’re burnt out and busy, sending the same pitch on repeat all day long, and never have a day off, it’s time to automate that sh*t and start generating passive income. But you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. I teach my clients daily how to reverse engineer their funnel based on their revenue goals. Here’s how it’s done – in just six weeks!

Optimize Your Product Suite

You don’t need to offer EVERYTHING, but you do need to offer SOMETHING for everyone in your market. The customer journey through your sales funnel has layers, and you should be offering something at every layer to enhance the lifetime value (LTV) of each customer. 

It all starts with an entry-level freebie or lead magnet. Something of high value and practical worth to get your market a quick win and earn their trust. A low-ticket tripwire that tests their viability as a paying customer is next. 

From this funnel benchmark, you can maximize your revenue through order bumps, upsells, bonuses, and limited-time offers. Most likely, you have a BIG ask that you’re working up to. Everything that comes before it should be designed to nurture your audience to this buying decision. 

You can’t automate what does not exist. You must build these product suite deliverables and have them in place before you automate your funnel. Lead magnets, training, deliverables, etc., all have to be ready to go in order to plug and play into your automated funnel.

Plan Your Passive Revenue Strategy

HOW you get more sales is important. Right now, you’re doing it all manually. And you’re OVER IT. Whether you open with a live webinar, lead magnet, or video sales letter (VSL), you need a way to conduct profitable follow-up automatically.

For many of my clients, it starts by running ads to their top-of-funnel (TOF) audience with an easy-win offer. What type of funnel works best for your market? Is it a webinar funnel? Book funnel? Freebie funnel? Template funnel? 

Determine what problem your dream client needs to solve NOW and provide an entry-level – but still effective – solution to meet that market demand. This is where your automated funnel should start. You should get at least 100 lead magnet opt-ins and 200-300 webinar registrants off cold traffic, even if it’s a new funnel. (If not, review and optimize your ad creative, ad copy, and landing page copy.) 

These registrants are then automatically nurtured to the next phase of your funnel with automated email sequences and supporting offers that direct them to the next benchmark. This all continues to build trust and warm them up to your BIG ask, your high-ticket offer. 

Integrating Your Systems

Before creating a host of funnel assets like emails and ads, look at the macro view of your funnel. Manage and plan the key steps throughout, from opt-in, low ticket offer, and upsell to order bump and your high ticket offer – and all the emails that fall between. Map it all out so you know what you need and how it will all work together.

There are generally four integrations you need to implement to ensure your funnel hums along on autopilot:


This is the entry point. How do they enter your world? What do they get in return? Usually, it’s a free or low-ticket offer that gives them a tangible win, like PDF training, a template, or a webinar training. For an easy and gorgeous landing page to collect emails for payments and integrate with your email provider, I recommend Showit. 


After the opt-in, what is the next logical purchase to bring them deeper into your sales process? More importantly, how do they give you money? Thrivecart is one of the best platforms for taking and tracking payment information, and they offer one-time purchase pricing.

For a complete CRM, I recommend Honeybook. This platform generates contracts, invoices, proposals, templates, and tracking for so many important metrics. 

Lead Optimization & Behavior Tracking

Predicting what they’ll do next is how you know what offer to send them. This sounds complicated but can be easily done with email tags, list organization, and automated nurture sequences. At LFM, I recommend Mailchimp or Flowdesk.  

Automated Integrations

Integrations are what make your backend run on autopilot and significantly reduce your workload. Many simple, daily, repetitive tasks can be automated, from file organization to action-based emails. 

If you’ve been in my world for any length of time, you know I’m all about Zapier. It can automate damn near anything and make your life a hundred times easier on the backend. Some examples of how I use Zapier:

  • Add new LinkedIn connections to an email list and nurture them to a sale. 
  • Send email or text messages based on specific actions your lead takes. 
  • Complete entire sequences in your sales funnel with multi-step actions. 
  • Connect Google Forms to internal workflows with tasks and send alerts.

However, some platforms offer helpful native integrations that are built directly into the platform, like Honeybook. Integrations in Honeybook allow you to create step-by-step action sequences and automate tasks to virtually cut your workload in half (think Zoom, Gmail, Google Calendar, and, you guessed it, Zapier). 

Passive Revenue…In Six Weeks?

I know this sounds like a LOT to do and set up in just six weeks. But it IS possible. Even if you’re overwhelmed by the tech and even if you’re not sure what automated systems you need. 

The simplest, most efficient process for creating, launching, and optimizing your funnel is to get on the waitlist for Funnel Babes® Blueprint. FBB is the peer-supported, expert-guided, highly effective framework to get you from selling in the DMs to generating passive revenue. 

As a small, like-minded cohort, we’ll dive into the deep end on:

  • Sales Funnel Mapping + Strategy 
  • Product Suite Optimization
  • BTS of a $188K Funnel Build – And How To Replicate It
  • Review of Student Funnel Builds & Tech Trainings
  • Funnel Metrics & Optimization
  • Prepping for Evergreen + Ads

Plus, SIX BONUSES and SEVEN TEMPLATES to help you move past the overwhelm and on the fast track to an up-and-running automated funnel. 

If you have already sold your services to a warm market, vetted your offer, and you’re selling manually, Funnel Babes® Blueprint is the gas pedal you need to automate and accelerate your business without burning out. 
You can read more about the six weeks of weekly training and dedicated support from my team inside Funnel Babes® Blueprint. Make sure to get on the waitlist now to be in the know for when we launch LIVE again soon!

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