Campaign Objectives: Which Ones Should You Use?

I’ve looked at 10 different ad accounts in the last month and you know what the two most common types of campaigns I see in Ads Manager?

Boosted Posts
& Traffic Campaigns

No wonder y’all need my help! 😛

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Let’s quickly go over different campaign objectives and when you should use each objective (depending on your business)!

Traffic – The most commonly used objective is great for sending traffic to your website but there isn’t a guarantee that those people will do anything after they click. Make sure you’re at least optimizing for landing page views here. Want people to click a certain link in your ad? Optimize for link clicks.

Page Post Engagement – Great for building your warm audience and brand awareness. You can also retarget these people with a custom audience later. 😉

Video Views – Also great for building your warm audience and brand awareness. You can also retarget these people with custom audiences later. 😉

Messenger – This is great if you want to test out a bot like ManyChat or have a direct conversation with people (NOTE: I think this would be hard to do for cold audiences). Messenger bots receive a higher percentage of open rates and clicks compared to emails. It’s definitely worth a try.

Conversions – ESSENTIAL if you are sending people to a landing page and you want them to DO something after leaving Facebook. Collecting leads, webinar registrations, purchase campaigns, etc.

Catalog – This is for my E-Commerce peeps! Own an e-commerce store? You can use this objective to advertise the products you have in your store.

Ok so now that we’ve gone over most of the ad campaign objectives, do you have any questions for me? I’d love to hear them. Drop a question in the comments or send me one on Instagram.

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