Case Study: Product Launch Funnel

Today, I actually wanted to talk about a case study. With a client of mine we have found that we have to nurture their audience a lot more than what they are used to. About six years ago they started advertising on Facebook, and back then Traffic Campaigns were performing really well. They’d throw some money into Facebooks ads, send people to the website and they were getting people interested in enrolling. However, now in 2019 they are struggling.


We’ve found that simple traffic campaigns, where people end up on the website is not really amounting to any people interested in enrolling. 

Example: Per the client we started another traffic campaign because that is what always worked before. We’ve spent $700+ in the past two weeks and have seen two applications come in from people who clicked on the ad in that campaign.

We also have been testing a Product Launch Funnel, where the objective is for the prospective student to fill out an application to enroll after watching a series of videos.

Although this method is a lot slower to see an ROI, it’s WORKING. We’ve spent $200+ in the past 2 weeks and have brought in 3 applications. This means these are quality applicants. People who are well invested in watching your training/information are more likely to enroll in a higher ticket program or offer. Wouldn’t you rather hop on a call with a qualified lead versus someone who quickly filled out an application from your website (who knows nothing about you)?

Have you ever tried a Product Launch Funnel before? Seen success? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this “PLF” method.

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