Why Ads Can Boost What’s Working Instead of Fixing What’s Not

Far too often I get on the phone with a potential client and they want to fix what’s NOT working in their business with paid advertising versus focusing on fixing the gaps in their business. 

Or their business is BRAND new and paid advertising seems like the holy grail to start making some serious dough.

Paid advertising is great but if you don’t have a proven offer, service or product it’s going to be really difficult to sell to cold traffic.


If you’re an online entrepreneur there may be potential holes or gaps you need to fix in your funnel before running paid traffic to it.

Here’s my recommendation for you if you haven’t sold your product or services yet.

TEST – Beta test your product or new course to your warm/organic traffic to see if anyone buys.*

HELP – Sell your offer or product to 4-5 people and help them be successful.

COLLECT – Collect 2-3 testimonials from your testers. Try to get a video testimonial from those people.**

RUN – Now you can run paid advertising and project some sold numbers.***

*If you need to run cold traffic to build an audience or build your email list, paid advertising is ok at this point – just as long as you know that this is all apart of the testing phase and you may not get that money back.

**If no one completed your course or tested your product, this is a sign of a gap or hole in your offer. It could be the offer or the audience you tested.

***Make sure your product is priced right. The ROI on a $37 course is just not going to be there. Make sure your course or product is priced right for paid advertising!

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