ChatGPT & Marketing | What It Is, How It Works, and How You Can Use It In Your Business

At the end of the year OpenAI is closed out 2022 with a bang. Their new chat AI platform recently went viral after its prototype launch. (And then it quickly crashed as over a million people jumped on to get an account. But it’s all back on track and ready to go!)

I have been hearing a lot of chatter about this shiny new toy and wanted to provide a practical resource for you about how you can leverage it in your business. And there are a few questions that really need to be asked – and answered. 

Questions like, “It promises so much; does it actually deliver?” And “what about content quality and originality? Is it worth it?” Let’s dig in!

Chat GBT: What Even Is It?

Chat GBT is a chat-based interface that was recently released by OpenAI, which is an AI platform partly owned by Elon Musk. (You know, the guy from Tesla and Twitter?) OpenAI is also behind the other recent phenomena, Dall E, the AI art generator. 

It is a free state-of-the-art conversational AI chatbot that is capable of conducting human-like conversations and providing data-backed answers to your queries and prompts. As it provides results, you can continue to expand, refine, or modify your request to generate additional data. 

It was trained on massive amounts of data available online through the year 2021. It’s pulling from that data to answer questions, provide instructions, and create content via natural conversations. 

It can be leveraged as a coding assistant by providing actual code you can copy and plugin. It can write a love song for you from the perspective of your cat. It can give you step-by-step instructions for changing the oil in your car. It can be the springboard or enhancement tool for creating original web, blog, or social media content.

What It’s NOT

It is not your therapist. It cannot answer existential questions or predict the future and will answer directly with an “I can’t answer that” type of response. 

It is not a content or copywriting replacement. If you, or your competitor, give it the same prompts, it will provide the same answers. Much like if you google the exact same phrase, you’re likely to get the exact same search results. Queries and prompts must be refined and adjusted to get new or different results across similar queries. 

It should also come with a warning label that it has learned from the entire internet, and results should be consumed with caution just in case.

Google vs. GPT

This AI tool could quite possibly disrupt search as we know it by providing more than just a page one snippet. Google is like a librarian, pointing you toward the resource you need. Google’s algorithm will provide search results based on text matching and connect the searcher to the pages with the highest matching score. 

ChatGPT acts more like an assistant, giving natural language answers, learning and refining based on your responses, or even creating content for you. This AI platform can understand the nuances and some of the context around what is truly being asked in order to provide deeper, more accurate responses. 

How To Leverage ChatGPT In Your Business

There are a number of ways this new AI technology can help you run your business without spending man hours on chat and content. 

Chat GPT For DM Queries

Some of the backend coding for this software is still being developed, but when ready, business owners should be able to use the Chat GPT API to feed common DM chats with customers. Based on the customer query, the chatbot will issue a response, keeping your team on more important tasks. 

Content Inspiration

Ask Chat GPT to generate ten podcast ideas for your niche and watch the ideas roll in. Because the AI can learn and adapt, you can now ask it to give those podcast episodes exciting or catchy titles, and you’re off the recording studio with your next ten weeks of topics. 

Internal Problem Solving

Need to fix a website coding problem? ChatGPT. Need to know how to repair office equipment? ChatGPT. Need to figure out how to connect your DNS to your new Gmail account? ChatGPT. It will spit out clear and concise instructions to get you from point A to point B for virtually anything you can think of. 

Content Creation

Give the chatbot an article idea by asking it to write an article about something related to your niche. The results will be the same with the exact same query so modify the article by adding to your prompt or asking for a new perspective on the topic. Customize manually as needed.

Social Media Captions

Have a killer graphic, video, or image you want to share but aren’t sure what to say about it? Feed your prompt into ChatGPT and see what it comes up with. Don’t forget to ask for relevant hashtags!

ChatGPT: Now What?

I would encourage you to get your own account and take it for a test drive. See if it performs to your expectations or quality standards. Then let me know what you think!

If this chatbot can stand up to the hype, it truly could revolutionize how we engage with search engines and create content. What will be your first query?

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