Psychology, Timers, and Heroes: Why Countdown Hero Is Knocking Out Deadline Funnel For Us

The Psychology of Scarcity

Humans are psychologically pre-programmed for survival. In today’s modern society, that’s not necessarily a chief concern, but the DNA is there. From a marketing perspective, this boils down to capitalizing on consumer desire. 

Scarcity is a familiar concept that has been deeply embedded into marketing since the first radio ad hit the airwaves. “Now through Dec. 23rd” “Act now to secure your…” “Don’t wait, supply is limited,” and the classic, “Now, for a limited time only…

This is what the prospect is thinking and the questions you have to answer:

  • Why do they need it now? 
  • What will happen if they don’t get it?

Countdown Timers

A countdown timer is the top scarcity activator in digital marketing funnels. They offer a visual representation of the need to actively consider an offer because they don’t have much time to deliberate or put it off. There is a deadline for their decision and their goals or desires by association.

THE OLD: Deadline Funnel

At Litchfield Media, we’ve been using and recommending Deadline Funnels for years. While it’s not the most diverse and exciting option, it’s been serviceable. You can track prospects across devices and manage multiple campaigns, and it’s 100% cloud-based.

THE NEW: Countdown Hero

Put this hero in the next installation of the Marvel Universe because he’s changing the game. With a ridiculously easy-to-use backend, a comprehensive tracking dashboard, and far more customization options than Deadline Funnel, we’re holding out for THIS hero here at Litchfield Media.

The Pro + Con Breakdown: Countdown Hero vs. Deadline Funnel

Countdown Hero ProsCountdown Hero ConsDeadline Funnel ProsDeadline Funnel Cons
Tracks prospects via email
Tracks prospects via web code
Tracks prospects via email link
Loads of customization of the timers 
Unlimited Domains
Unlimited Funnels 
Unlimited Contacts (with affordable upgrade)
Can automatically redirect traffic from expired offers to an upsell/downsell 
Evergreen flash-sale countdowns
Fixed timers for live launches
Upgraded security to ensure your timers can’t be circumvented
Compatible with multi-page campaigns
One timer can power multiple offers, products, etc.
Automated evergreen countdown timers are unique to each prospect
Integrates with most known email marketing platforms
Connects with multiple email platforms simultaneously
You have to refresh the HTML code for each email you want to use it in
Yeah, that’s it.
Customizable timers

Tracks prospects from device to device

Multiple campaigns compatible

Fixed and evergreen timers

Cloud-based but plugin-friendly

Automatic time zone adjustment

Some timer personalization options

Integrates with most web builders (landing pages, WP, etc.)
One type of timer design per campaign

Can’t save design templates

Limitations in the starter plans

You have to upgrade frequently to use more funnels

COUNTDOWN HERO COST: ONE-TIME FEE $97 + One-Time Upgrades Available

DEADLINE FUNNEL COST: Starts at $39 a month for the base package ($468 per year)

Countdown Hero Is Easy To Use In Four Steps

Set Timer Location

Where are you using your countdown timer? Email? Landing page? Check out page? All of the above? Wherever your customer needs to be moved closer to making a buying decision is an appropriate place for a countdown timer. 

Adding the code is a simple copy + paste maneuver which even the least tech-savvy operator can manage. Watch me quickly and easily add code to an Active Campaign email here in this video. 

Set Timeline

Choose your start and end time for each timer. For email subscribers, this countdown will be unique to each person, with no circumventing the timer technology because of outdated cookies. This is true scarcity awareness that WORKS. 

Set Design

Countdown Hero is so much more customizable than Deadline Funnel timers. Here, you can choose color, style, fonts, dividers, and titles, use or remove the seconds counter, and add banner text and expiration text. Watch me play with all the settings HERE

Set Backup Location

Let’s say your prospect missed their offer window. What’s your downsell or upsell offer? Once the timer has expired, rather than losing out on their sale, offer something else on a different page.

They have already clicked through to see your offer. This is a golden opportunity to leverage traffic you’re already getting and stop leaving money on the table. 

Don’t Have A Countdown Timer In Your Funnel?

Let’s fix it. Here’s where and why you should be using timers in your sales funnel.

Landing Page Timers

As soon as they lay eyes on your offer, you want them to know they must make a decision soon. Fence-sitters and tire-kickers will be warned and nurtured off the bench to snag your slam-dunk offer before time runs out. 

Email Timers

Email offers an additional layer of personal connection. Anyone can go to a landing page, but only THIS prospect gets THIS timer in their inbox. It creates a more organic nudge to take action. 

Shopify Store Timers

Shopping discounts, shipping deals, and bundle bonuses are some of my favorite ways to increase your sales or average order value. When they’re tied to countdown timers, this can accelerate the checkout process and close the sale quicker. 

If You’re Paying For Traffic, Make It Count

Paid traffic is necessary for your lead generation strategy but comes at a cost. Complement your offer with an action-driving countdown timer and capture more conversions.

Even Shopping Giant Amazon Has Them

Whether your funnel or offer is new, or you’re a sales funnel veteran, if Amazon uses them with any measure of success, you know they’re getting their money’s worth.

How NOT To Use Timers

Nobody likes a phony. Having a countdown timer just for the sake of having one – that’s not tied to any real timeline or data – will be ineffective and smacks of slimy sales tactics. If you’re going to install a countdown timer, it must be tied to your campaign goals, individual prospect activities, and a tangible timeline.

Want To Try Countdown Hero?

Check it out for yourself HERE let me know what you think!



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