Your First Passive Income Funnel

Often people talk about passive income as if customers just flock to your funnel magically from out of nowhere, when that’s not really the case. You have to drive people, drive traffic, whether it’s paid or organic, to the funnel to opt in. The passive part is what happens within the actual funnel so the funnel is going to do the selling, the hard work, for you.

I just want to make it clear, you still have to do the work to drive people to get to that first part of your funnel, which is the entry point.

So how do we do that? Well, you need to be educating your organic traffic or audience, whether it be in a Facebook group, driving people to the link in your YouTube profile, or maybe it’s on Instagram doing lives or Instagram TVs, or it could even just be mini trainings on Instagram stories. That’s where most of my sales come from, where I’m just driving traffic to a link in my bio.

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For example, I recently hosted a masterclass. Leading up to the masterclass, promoting on Instagram was my main focus. In the masterclass I planned to teach about various different topics so on Instagram I did little mini trainings on those various different topics, and always driving people to the link in my bio to sign up. This masterclass was a two hour, $47 training and those sales are happening passively, because the funnel is set in place, I didn’t have to manually send out an invoice or any email.

Another area I’ve had success with passive income in is my funnel templates. These funnel templates are accessed through the Kartra marketplace as a done for you template. I don’t have to do anything to the template when someone buys. It’s all automated. It’s done for them.

So let’s walk through a basic funnel set up example. The first box in your funnel should be your freebie, also called a lead magnet. After they opt in to get your lead magnet, they’re going to see a thank you page, which I highly recommend having a tripwire on your thank you page. A tripwire is just an additional one time, low ticket offer, anywhere from like $17 to $27.

The next step in the funnel is going to be your email sequence. The first email that they get, you’re delivering the freebie. Regardless or not if they bought the tripwire. The tripwire will be probably a separate email sequence. The second email, you’re talking about yourself and welcoming them to your community. Then in the emails that follow, you’re going to be nurturing them. By nurture, I mean giving them value. Maybe you wrote a blog post on X topic that’s related to the freebie and you want to share that with them. Maybe you filmed a video, maybe you did an Instagram TV and you want to send them to the Instagram TV on this particular topic. Those are great things to include in your welcome sequence when you’re nurturing your new leads, because you want to warm them up and earn their trust.

The last step in your funnel is where you sell them. At the end of your email sequence you’re going to be hard selling them. Through your email sequence, potentially over a period of one to two weeks, you’ve been painting a picture. Explaining why they need your product or service. What’s going to happen if they don’t buy. Addressing the pain and the problem that they’re facing right now. How can you fix it with your product, service, whatever you’re selling in the funnel at the end of that nurture sequence.

Extra tip here is if your big sell is priced over $300, you might want to consider adding in some sort of video training and/or free webinar in order to help pitch and sell that higher ticket offer.

I think this is a great place to start for your first funnel if you are considering incorporating passive income into your business. Remember if you’re driving traffic to your landing page, where they can opt in and enter in your automated funnel, then be presented with low ticket offers, this will help bring in those passive income sales.


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