Holiday Gift ideas for Female Entrepreneurs

It’s time for the yearly Holiday gift ideas for entrepreneurs. I’ve researched some of the most popular gift ideas mompreneurs actually want. 

So here are my top 13: 

  1. Ring light – You know what they say, lighting is everything! I find using this for optimal lighting. It does make you look better a whole lot!!

  2. Insulated corkcicle tumbler – Nothing beats a warm cup of coffee to start the day.  Every mompreneur I know runs on coffee. They always carry around coffee, especially on their office desk. 

  3. Iphone 12 -This one’s for me lol. I am definitely upgrading my phone to an apple 12! Everyone I know wants one unless you’re not an apple fan. 

  4. Apple watch – it syncs across all your devices (laptop and cellphone) so you wouldn’t miss any update or important happenings. Need I say more?

  5. Blue light Blockers – In this digital age, this is a must-have. Entrepreneurs spend a lot of time locking eyes with the computer. And blue light has effects on sleep — we all need sleep. So this all boils down to sleep really. You can thank me later.

  6. Ikea Standup Desk – Who would’ve thought that a simple standup desk like this can affect your health in general. After all we weren’t meant to sit or stand all day! Go from sitting to standing with a simple touch of a button. #gamechanging

  7. Weighted Blanket – Anything sleep-related is on the list! I just love sleep can’t you tell?lol I think we could all agree on the fact that we ALL need sleep and this weighted blanket is just the perfect gift for Christmas. 

  8. Yoga pants – The most versatile clothing I know. Everyone wants comfy clothes you can wear all day long. And trust me when I say that they can’t have too many yoga pants.

  9. Backup battery or Power bank – Running low on battery is the worst thing that can happen if you’re in an instagrammable area and can’t take photos. Am I right?

  10. Instant pot – Every boss I know needs help with meal prep and this is going to save their ass on busy days. I have one at home, and you just put everything in and BAM it gives you a delicious meal. 

  11. Botany Box – This one is a fresh idea for client gifting. A little plant is a beautiful desk accessory that can serve as a reminder for your growth in life and in business. The owner, Cait has been so helpful, and I would highly recommend getting plant gifts from her. In case you want to be a plant mom.

  12. Quench Journal –  You need something to write on. Whether that be your daily reflections goals, to-do list– which is probably one of the most satisfying things we do as entrepreneurs– crossing off things in the to do list. Lol I personally use the quench journal from Quench Collective. 

  13. Klassy Network Bramis – The mesh brami is my personal favorite. I can go straight from a workout and use this top as everyday wear. Talk about comfort + style. Natalie Rogers nailed this one!! I also have her blue light glasses.




If you get anything from this list, I would love you to tag me on Instagram! What gift are you secretly waiting for someone to give you? Is it on this list?



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