Three Things your IG Captions Need to be to Build a Loyal Following

Wanna know the secret sauce to building a loyal social media following?


It’s not about the number of followers you have.

It’s not with ads.

It’s not with sponsorships or brand deals.

It’s your content. The secret sauce is simple. Create content that is vulnerable, valuable and viral. It’s how I’ve organically grown this social media account, attracted my ideal clients and booked sales calls in the DMs.


vulnerable content

Content that you almost don’t want to share but you know in your gut that someone will be able to relate.

valuable content

Content that you are known as an expert for. You share your knowledge and hold nothing back. You educate your following and they come back for more.

viral content

Content that is vulnerable, valuable and at most times relatable. It’s so compelling that people feel the need to share without you asking.

The old Instagram marketing ways are dead

Gone are the days where your feed needs to be solely pretty pictures + short captions.

More than ever your content needs to be compelling.

If your content sucks, you’ll get lost in the feed and you’ll be seeing 0 saves and 0 shares for god knows how long.

What if I told you there was a way to grow your Instagram following and engagement without spending hours on the platform each day?

What if I told you that you could plan out an entire month’s worth of content in 4-6 hours?

What if I told you that you could attract your dream clients just from putting out content that resonates with them but also weaving in strategic content that compels them to want to work with you?

If you were thinking YES to any of the questions above I have a FREE challenge for you! It’s my 4-day “Master Your Content Challenge” – sign up by clicking here! Learn my secrets to creating content that resonates. Grow your following and attract your dream clients in the DMs! We start on Feb 3rd!

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