The Top Six CTAs for Instagram Captions

At the end of your Instagram posts, you should be using an initiative, telling your followers exactly what to do next. In marketing, this is called the “Call-To-Action”. Calls-to-Action (CTAs) are for directing people (telling them) what they should do next. You can ask them for the sale, tell them to go to your website, or send you a Direct Message.

The key here is to be as creative as you can be in order to incentivize people to take action. Here are the top six calls-to-action that you can start implementing on your next posts:

The Top Six Call to Actions to Use in Your Instagram Captions | Instagram Marketing | Social Media Marketing | Instagram Captions | Instagram Content | Content Marketing

The Top Six Call to Actions to Use in Your Instagram Captions | Instagram Marketing | Social Media Marketing | Instagram Captions | Instagram Content | Content Marketing

Tip: Test call to actions at the beginning and end of your Instagram Captions.

1.Click the link in my bio

This is an easy one! EVERYONE should have some sort of link attached in their Instagram bio. Whether it be your website or a Linktree type link (Linktree allows you to attach multiple links in one place, almost like a landing page for links). Some people argue that Linktree is distracting (too many links to chose from) and you should be promoting one link at a time, but I suggest you test this for yourself first.

2. bookmark this post to save

If your audience feels compelled to save your post to their collections, they are more than likely going to use the bookmark icon to save it to their Instagram Collections. Reminding them to do so is good protocol because people need to be reminded of exactly what they should do next.

3. Share to stories

“Share this post to stories and TAG me” – Can be a great way to enter a giveaway. This means more exposure for you and the tag makes sure that you’ll see it! I find that I get shares organically without asking simply by creating content that resonates. Content that speaks to my followers on another level that they just feel the need to share. Those are the best shares!

4. Watch my stories

Maybe you did a free mini training on your stories today and you want to post on your Instagram feed about it? Telling your audience that you did a mini training on Instagram stories is another way for them to connect and learn from you on the platform. This is a great CTA if you want to explain an offer more or a sneak peek of what’s happening soon.

5. TAG 2 besties in the comments

Yup, we are telling your followers exactly what to do again after they read your caption! It’s another CTA that will increase engagement. When your followers tag other accounts in the comments it will only mean more exposure for you and a chance to connect with those new tagged accounts.

6. Send me a direct message

Ending your post with a CTA that asks for a “DM” (direct message), will give you the opportunity to answer more questions that your followers may have about your services, your next challenge, tips or tricks…you name it. This really is another opportunity to increase your engagement rate and connect with your community on another level. Send them a voice memo or a quick video. This is your time to be social!

So were these good tips? Did I help you with some ideas for your next content calendar? Don’t forget to always have a CTA in every post! Be an “ask-hole”. Ask for the engagement. Ask for the DM. Ask for the click.

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments and please re-pin to Pinterest if you found this blog post helpful.

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