Holiday Gift Guide for Female Entrepreneurs!

Ahh who am I kidding this is really my gift guide?!

KIDDING. I made this list in mind for not only myself but for other female online entrepreneurs!

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This may shock you, but this post does NOT contain any affiliate links! Shocked?

Yeah, affiliate links aren’t my main concern. However, if you buy something from this gift guide and tag me in your IG stories – I’d like that!

Ok, let’s get to it!

Personal Development

This book has been floating around on my feed and I’m dying to read it! I’ve heard great things about Gabby Bernstein’s Super Attractor! You can find it here.

Klassy Network – Blue Light Blocking Glasses

I personally just purchased these new aviators from Klassy Network and they are FAB! I’ve gotten so many compliments and messages in my DMs from you guys. They are the new Amanda Bucci x Klassy Network Collaboration and I got the gold-rimmed aviators! Such high quality and a really cute design to ease the computer eye strain.

Away Travel Luggage

I’ve been eyeing this brand for a longggggg time but I just can’t seem to pull the trigger. {Secretly waiting for someone to gift it to me HA} It’s a little pricey for such a small suitcase compared to Samsonite but the style is unique and the suitcase comes with or without an ejectable battery…WHICH can charge your phone! I think that’s a huge win while you’re traveling. As an entrepreneur, we tend to travel often and it blows when there are no more outlets near your flight gate to charge your phone. You can get yours here.

Blue Yeti Microphone

OMG I need this microphone! It’s ultra chic and the white just stands out to me. I don’t have a podcast…YET, but after all the interviews I’ve been doing for the CEO Connection Summit, I’ve def been eyeing some microphones. The quality of the interviews would be enhanced plus it would be beneficial for future podcast interviews that I do. I’ve seen a lot of podcasters with the Blue Yeti brand and this one is on my list. I’ve even been thinking about repurposing all of the summit interviews into episodes for a future podcast! It wouldn’t happen until late 2020 but thoughts? Good idea? Bad? I’d love to hear some podcast names/titles from you!

Faux Fiddle Leaf Tree

Ok, you’re probably laughing right now…like why would Melissa put a faux fiddle tree on this list? But hear me out! If you’re like me you often have several client calls in your office and a NICE plant would be a great accent to the plain beige wall behind you. Seriously! I’ve also heard that IG pictures with green plants int he background get more engagement. Myth? Maybe but you should try it. Plus, IMO I think it would make you happy to “come to work” on the daily.

Adidas Ultraboost Running Shoe

I’ve been on an Adidas kick lately for workout shoes! And what better way to get motivated to move your body at home, than a new pair of comfy running shoes?! Umm yes please! Since I work from home all day I’m all about comfort and new workout shoes give me some motivation to get a workout in. #truestory It may not happen everyday but hey I try.

Apple Airpods

Need I say more? I don’t have the newest apple airpods but I do like that fact that they are cordless and they sync to all of my apple devices. With the number of calls I take each day…yeah these are a must! Plus they are great to take out on runs!

Sherpa Fleece Zip Pullover

THE comfiest jacket to wear while you’re working from home! It’s December. It’s cold. All we want is to cuddle up with a soft pullover. #amiright

So what do you think about this list? Any keepers? Do you have any from here?

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