5 Steps to Becoming a Content Master on Instagram

Have you been struggling to grow your Instagram in 2019?

Ready for a new strategy in 2020?

Are you tired of spending HOURS on the platform and seeing zero growth in your follower count or engagement rate?

Are you struggling to attract your ideal clients/followers on Instagram?

Well sit back and get ready to take some serious notes, because today I’m spilling the beans on how I changed my instagram strategy in September of 2019 and have had consistent ORGANIC growth on the platform.


Plus, not only has my account grown in ideal followers BUT I’ve also attracted some dream clients just from creating kick-ass content.

Content that gets so many shares and saves…it goes VIRAL and attracts NEW followers.

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This may shock you, but it’s actually kind of simple.

My signature method for growing my instagram account is simply put…creating content that RESONATES.

Content so compelling, others feel the draw to comment, share and save.

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First post that had 20 saves and over 10 shares - I knew I was onto something Good!

First post that had 20 saves and over 10 shares – I knew I was onto something Good!

Inspirational content

Educational content

relatable content

First, if we’re going to master content we gotta master our mindset.

What does that mean? For me it’s recognizing that the struggles and doubts that I experience about my own business & entrepreneurship journey…others experience it too. So how can I turn my shitty thoughts into thoughts that will inspire and motivate?

Step 1: Imagine your next level bad ass self…what would she say to you in your “down and out” moments?

Would a million dollar business owner have nothing positive to say to herself? Would a million dollar business owner just quit because they were having a bad day?

Eff no!

Step 2: Journal + meditate on these thoughts or brain dump. I’m not a huge journal-er at all but when these feelings arise I tend to brain dump what I’m thinking so I can come back to these thoughts and put a motivational spin to them.

Step 3: Put these inspirational quotes on twitter (take a screenshot) and in Canva. Variety is best for social media! That way you’ll have plenty of content to pull from.

Step 4: Schedule and edit the graphics (if needed) in a scheduling platform, like Later.com.

Note: Inspirational content doesn’t have to be your ENTIRE content bank. Create other content around your expertise, your story and just being gosh darn vulnerable.

Second, hook ‘em.

Now that we’ve got some content saved and ready for scheduling you’ll need to also grab your follower’s attention with a hook, aka an attention grabbing headline. Something to stop their scroll and continue reading.

Ex: “They thought I was crazy…”

“I couldn’t believe she said ____.”

“I let myself quit after 2 months.”

Tell a story/eventually get to your point, and then have a clear CTA.

Third, have a strong call to action (CTA).

End your Instagram captions and posts with a strong and clear call to action. What do you want them to do next? ASK for the engagement. ASK for the click. ASK for the share. ASK for the tag. People need direction and this is where you’re gonna tell them exactly what to do next.

Fourth, look at the data.

Not sure what’s resonating with your followers? You’ll know if something sticks when you check your Instagram insights. You can check this directly on the app and on each individual post by clicking “view insights”. Creating content that resonates is also about testing and seeing what content your audience prefers best.

The metrics that measure engagement best these days are shares and saves.

Should you be concerned about likes and comments? Not as much. Likes really aren’t a good indicator of much these days but you can tell if you hit the jackpot when you have comments like “you’re content has been speaking to me lately” or “I needed to hear this today”.

If you get tons of shares, saves and comments…you’ll know you’ve hit some GOLD. Viral gold.

Three viral posts in december 2019, DESPITE the holidays.

Three viral posts in december 2019, DESPITE the holidays.

Fifth, rinse – repeat – recycle.

Keep following this high-level overview of my signature method. See what’s working with other accounts. Study what YOU share – that’s a big one. Once you find what resonates, it’s all about rinsing and repeating the process. PLUS, don’t forget to recycle your content. A large percentage of your followers don’t see every single post so I teach recycling content because burnout is REAL. Recycle other people’s content too, everything doesn’t have to be created by you & from scratch.

There are SO many other tips and tricks that I want to teach you but honestly, we could be here for days. That’s why I’m inviting you to a special Master Your Content Challenge, starting February 3rd! We will go deeper into Mastering Your Mindset and Developing Content so you attract your ideal client and get messages like the ones below. Because honestly if you aren’t making SALES, at the end of the day does this all really matter?

More followers and engagement is great and all but let’s be honest here, you and I both are running a business and we need to attract ideal clients (on this free marketing platform that we call IG).

So if you are interested in signing up for the free 4-day Master Your Content Challenge please do so here.

Because you desire to free up the time you’re spending on Instagram.

You don’t want to feel chained to the platform and most certainly you don’t have all the time in the world.

But you don’t know where to start or how to get started with content that resonates!

We officially start Feb. 3rd!

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