Why You Aren’t Landing Your Dream Clients

You think the market is oversaturated.

This is a close-minded mindset and you’d be doing a disservice to our world if you believe there are too many people doing what you do. Maybe you’re following too many people in your field and that’s all you see everyday. I encourage you to clean up your feed! Unfollow those who are not your ideal client. There’s plenty of clients and business for all of us to go around.


You have no connection or trust with your followers.

Do your followers trust you? Are you connecting with your followers in IG stories and in your DMs? If people aren’t throwing their money at you that means that you haven’t showed value in what you offer yet. They possibly don’t trust you yet. You need to make that connection.

You lack belief in yourself.

Belief is everything. If you don’t believe you have the power to help people (solve their problems) or change lives, how will your potential clients believe in your capabilities? It shows and they can probably sense it.

You have no lead generation or follow up.

Do you have a value ladder? Are you offering something for free so you can start building that trust as an expert or thought leader in your industry?

Free Challenge – Free Download – Free Quiz – Free Webinar

All of these can start building your warm audience (that know, like and trust factor). And follow up with these interested people!

You aren’t offering a solution to people’s problems.

People buy something because of an emotional connection, and because it will solve a problem for them. You need to show them why and how. Connect your story to that transformation that they are longing for. Your ideal client is probably the person that you “used” to be.

You have no brand/personality.

People can immediately connect with you through instagram stories, live videos or recorded videos. If you’re not utilizing these tools on social media, you’re missing out on huge growth!

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