Facebook Page Boosts : Should You Do It?


Should you do Facebook Page Boosts for your Business?


Should I boost posts from my Facebook page? The answer is going to be no. However, if you’ve seen great results from boosting a post here and there, then great! Keep on boosting. BUT please don’t let Facebook Page Boosts be your marketing strategy. Creating ads within the Facebook Ad App or within Instagram is very limiting. You’re limited with targeting within the app and boosting from your page. When you create an ad within Ads Manager you can optimize for conversions: leads, purchases etc.

You can get very specific when it comes down to targeting your ideal customer/audience. You can upload customer lists into Ads Manager, create custom audiences based on who has viewed your videos…and so much more. You can combine warm audiences with cold audiences. The possibilities are endless.

Plan to be strategic with your marketing and advertising, and with boosting your posts from your business page is not very strategic at all. Sure it will get you more views and more clicks, but are those people your ideal audience? Something to consider the next time you are tempted to boost! Are you making a return on your investment?

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