When Should You Start Running Facebooks Ads? 5 Questions to Ask Yourself


When Small Businesses Should Start Facebook Ads


If you saw my first blog post this is kinda a follow-up to that post. Here are some tips to avoid all of those mistakes that I typically see when small businesses and entrepreneurs are running ads on Facebook. So when should you start running ads?

Is your business brand new?

If you answered yes, you should probably hold off because Facebook ads are an investment and a small budget is hard to yield a solid ROI. Placing your pixel on your entire website is STILL a good idea. So go ahead, place your pixels on your website, I’ll wait.

Do you have some solid testimonials?

If you answered yes, then this is awesome because you can create some testimonial ads and target some cold audiences. Do you have clients giving you a testimonial on video? YAS! Omg you’re my favorite person and you’re seriously ahead of the game. 😉 Brownie points for you!

Have you been nurturing your audience for quite some time?

This goes back to the newbie business thing too. If you are a new business and you haven’t nurtured your audience yet or made your presence on social media yet, chances are it’s not a good time to run ads.

Running ads to a freebie or opt-in is something I would ok. Running page post engagement campaigns or video view campaigns would be a good idea as well IF you have the budget to do so. Just be prepared for little ROI if any. The more you nurture your audience and provide value, the more likely they are to buy from you.

Are you ready to hire someone to manage your ads?

Facebook ad management is time-consuming, this is why it’s my JOB. LOL. You, however, are running a business and you don’t have time to look at your ads daily, to optimize and scale if needed right? So trust me on this. Wait until you are ready to hire an expert because you may just waste your money and see little to no return. Trust me I’ve been there myself.

Ok and last but not least, do you have your funnel and email sequence in place?

If we were to start your ads tomorrow, would there be an email sequence in place to nurture your leads and “guide” them down your marketing funnel? Do you have a follow-up email sequence in place? Let’s say you’re a Dentist and you want to capture new patient leads. Well after you get all of these new patients emails then what? How are you going to make sure these people book an appointment? How are you going to get them into your practice? Ok so now let’s talk about your funnel briefly. Are your landing pages built out and ready to collect names and email addresses? Do you have images and copy ready to go for your landing page, thank you page, sales page, etc.?

See these are a lot of things to consider right?! The good news is that you can outsource all of this. If you are not an expert I highly suggest you hire this work out because you’ll want to build a solid funnel. Your funnel and email sequence are going to help drive those sales along with effective ads.

Ok so blog post #2 is DONE! How did I do? Did I provide value? Did I help clarify some things? I’d love to know in the comments.

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