How To Use Ads To Increase Visibility and Drive Passive Income

In the online coaching space everyone’s talking about “organic this”, growing your visibility, and generating leads organically. This is imperative to build a solid foundation and I totally preach that as well. 

But there comes a time where you feel like you’re tapping out on social warm leads.

So that’s where ads come into play. 

With Facebook ads you are literally putting your content in front of people that don’t know you yet and they have the opportunity to get to know you not just from the ad, but your email nurture sequence. 

This is a crucial piece to your funnel. 

The ad is there to increase your visibility on the front end and get people into your funnel and grow your audience pool. 

Obviously there are other ways and other avenues that you can do that without paid ads, but I find that advertising is FASTER. I mean who doesn’t love to see instant results?

On the other hand, there is also the importance of nurturing your audience and that does take time. 

You need to be doing both, in order to scale to 7 figures. That’s how you’re really gonna amplify your results and scale your business. 


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In my most recent podcast interview I cover:

  1. Why you need to be utilizing both organic growth in your business and Ads.

  2. How Ads can increase your brand visibility and get more people into your funnel.

  3. My favorite ways to use Ads; what SLO (self liquidating offers) are and how you can grow your business with more qualified leads using low ticket offers and tripwires instead of filling your list with freebie seekers.

  4. What to include in an email nurture sequence and what to put in a basic funnel.

  5. How someone can create ads themselves.

  6. When is the best time to use Ads and how to strategically test a basic lead generation Ad campaign.

You’re not going to want to miss this episode with The Soulful Social Podcast With Madison Tinder!



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