Why I Joined a Second Mastermind

I’ve had a few days to reflect on the past weekend in Vegas with my mastermind sisters and I wanted to discuss some takeaways from the past 4 months. ⁠

Firstly, I wasn’t even supposed to join this round of the mastermind but a spot miraculously opened up last minute and I said HELL YES to The Social Bungalow.⁠

I’ve been apart of another mastermind and I voiced my concerns but for some reason, I could just tell “this will be different”. And it was.⁠


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In a mastermind, you’re supported by not only the host of the mastermind but also the other badass business owners that have joined you. No matter how NEW or how big your business is – you can benefit from the level of support period.⁠

Strategy ⁠
You know the saying, “you can have all of the strategies but mindset is key”? Ehhh not in this case lol. If you’re launching or want to have another pair of eyes on your business and offers, strategy is key. Mindset is still important, I won’t knock that but that’s where you can utilize the support aspect from above.⁠

✨ Inspiration + Motivation ✨⁠
There’s no you vs. me mentality inside of a mastermind. It’s “how can we collaborate?” and “Wow, she’s so inspiring, I’m going to talk about my offer RIGHT now.”⁠

The Investment Pays Off ⁠
Since April I’ve consecutively hit multiple five-figure months in my business. Every 4-figure/5-figure investment in my business has brought me to a new level. And it can for you too.⁠

Not to mention you learn something new every time. And this past weekend was a relaxing time, getting to know everyone on a personal level. That is something that’s hard to find in the online space.⁠

So have you ever joined a mastermind before? What was your experience?⁠

BTW! I’m hosting my very own mastermind, called the Millionaire Marketing Mastermind

Here’s a brief overview of the EPIC Mastermind coming this Fall:⁠

  • Starts in Sept (90 Days)⁠

  • Weekly group coaching calls⁠

  • Monthly 1:1 calls with muah⁠

  • 4 Guest Amazing Speakers ⁠

  • Exclusive slack channel⁠

  • Access to my entire product suite (CMA, CCU, FBB)⁠

Click here to apply or to get more deets just send me a DM and we can chat more! I can’t wait!


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