The Top Three Instagram Visuals That Get The Most Shares

I’ve been on Instagram since 2011, I think, but I didn’t start using Instagram for business until 2014.

Back then, Instagram was all about beautiful, clear photos. Don’t get me wrong Instagram still favors a clear and bright photo, but now it’s even more crucial that you have a compelling caption to stop the scroll and get engagement.

I’ve noticed a HUGE shift this year in Instagram content and what get’s the most shares and saves.

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What I say next may shock you.


Inspirational quotes (short and long).

Graphs (pie charts, bar graphs, etc.).

Graphics that compare information side by side.

See the example below of a heavy text inspirational quote.

Heavy text inspirational quote w/ a neutral background.

Heavy text inspirational quote w/ a neutral background.

Crazy right?

Here’s a bonus tip for you. Stick with neutral backgrounds for your images and use Twitter for your quotes! The font is easy to read, the background is white and these images tend to get shared more than say the same quote on a purple background.

Ok and now for graphs! These are so fun to make and can be easily made in Canva or if you have photoshop skills you can make bar graphs, pie charts, etc. in that software as well.

Here’s an example of a donut pie chart:

pie graph image sharing educational/inspirational info.

pie graph image sharing educational/inspirational info.

Now, let’s look at this image below.

It’s heavy text but also filled with different colored circles.

This graphic went viral for Amanda Bucci! I was looking at her feed and I could tell that this particular post had a lot more likes and comments than all the others. 10K likes and 200+ comments.

So here’s another tip: go to people’s feeds that you tend to share a lot from and check out their content that has the most engagement. Study those images and captions. Narrow down what resonated with their followers.

Ok and last but not least, here is a post from Shannon Monson.

A heavy text image comparing information side by side.

heavy text image comparing information, side by side.

heavy text image comparing information, side by side.

Do you have some content and image inspiration now for Instagram?!

There are SO many other tips and tricks that I want to teach you but honestly, we could be here for days. That’s why I’m inviting you to a special Master Your Content Challenge, starting February 3rd! We will go deeper into Mastering Your Mindset and Developing Content so you attract your ideal client and get messages like the ones below. Because honestly if you aren’t making SALES, at the end of the day does this all really matter?

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