5 Tech Must Haves for a SLO Funnel

Want to know my 5 must haves for SLO funnels?

First, you maybe like “Ok but what are SLO funnels?”.

Great question! Essentially it’s a low ticket funnel to generate a list of buyers versus freebie seekers. SLO = Self Liquidating Offer. A potential buyer (cold traffic) sees your ad and clicks on the ad.

It’s an offer that helps pay for the advertising costs. Ideally your first offer converts so well that you profit a smidge just from that first offer too. But the following offers to come is where you really see a profit (order bump and upsells).


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It’s been a full week since I started my offer with ads (Clubhouse for CEOs). I have another SLO offer but that was a failure lol, just being honest here.

But this offer, I was VERY strategic with. I first launched a 90 min $17 workshop to my warm audience and started ads to it as well – knowing that I’d turn the offer into a mini-course. The offer converted SO well (organic and paid) that I KNEW it was a sign that this had to happen ASAP.

All revenue that I earned from the workshop was put right back into the actual creation and launch of the SLO funnel.

The workshop was perfect because it was proof of my offer and I was able to gather so much social proof + build a community of affiliates.

SLOs are no joke. This is not something you whip up in a weekend, but the potential revenue is so rewarding. PLUS I’m legit building a community of like-minded Clubhouse obsessed business owners lol.

The tech is the not the final piece of the puzzle (it’s actually the ads and testing the funnel to see what works best). However, I wanted to share some must haves that you would need to create a kick-ass SLO.

1. Email tags

2. Email automations

3. Abandoned cart email sequence.

4. ThriveCart or SamCart.

5. Upsell email sequence

Email tags and automations are important to automate the whole customer journey process! While not everyone uses abandoned cart email sequences I highly recommend one because you will be paying for clicks to the page so you might as well take advantage of those who don’t complete their purchase. If your software has the capabilities for a 2 step order form, you can tag those who don’t finish step two and trigger an automated email sequence.

ThriveCart and SamCart are checkout softwares and while I use Kartra for everything else related to related to this funnel, Paypal is not supported for order bumps. Why? I have no idea but I did test out the funnel with only stripe as the payment option and the sales page was converting at 11.3%. Now that I’ve added Thrivecart as the checkout system (and offered Paypal as a payment option), my sales page conversion is now at 14.6%!

Not to mention the conversion of the order bump increased by 10% just from adding the Paypal option. So it’s safe to say that having Paypal at checkout will help increase conversions overall.

Why did I pick ThriveCart? Well a few of my clients use it and they offer lifetime access to the software – so you pay once and you have it for life! The checkout pages are SUPER customizable to your brand. You can add screenshots, testimonials, and save/share templates. You can also enable other options at checkout like ApplePay and Google Pay. I don’t have an affiliate link yet (stay tuned)!

And finally you should have an upsell sequence! Personally, I’m still working on mine, as this funnel has taken up many weekends and late nights (I run a ad agency during the day). I’m a firm believer in just getting it started or else perfectionism will delay your launch date.

But why is this important? Because not only am I paying for these purchases to happen but I to increase the LTV of each customer that enters my funnel I need to be thinking long term. What’s the next step that my ideal customer should take? What is the next course/program/offer that would be the right fit for them? How can I meet them where they are at in the customer journey process?

Things to think about and consider!

I’m also going to be hosting a 2 hour ad and funnel workshop soon on SLO funnels!! GET EXCITED because this will be jam packed with actionable steps that you can take and start implementing yourself.

Some lessons that we will be covering:

-Overall offer and funnel strategy

-Tech and Implementation (all tech I’m using for my SLO and how to do it yourself)

-Thrivecart Checkout templates you can plug and play into your own account

-Kartra funnel campaign (funnel pages, tagging, emails, and automations I personally use and you can deploy into your own account)

-Ad strategy (bts of my own ads and how you can start yours without a hitch)

Valued at $997 but I’m offering it for only $297! You can sign up here. Actual workshop date in March will be announced soon.

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