Smart Social Content Podcast Interview with Girl Hustle

To effectively market yourself and your business online you MUST create content.

Content that resonates. 

Content that provides value.

Content that creates fans.

This content will help you grow organically without spending hours on the platform. 


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To sum it up there are 4 different content types I discussed in the podcast.

  1. Educational – Create content about what you are expert in. So your audience can learn stuff from your content. I saw a huge growth because of this and content and being strategic on it.

  2. Motivational – Content that’s going to inspire or motivate them to do something or take action.

  3. Vulnerable – This type of content is where you can show that you are human and you have feelings.  It’s really key to connect with followers especially with the emotional type of content.

  4. Promotional – You do have to sell something right? Most of us are on Instagram for business. At the end of the day you do want people to take action. You get them to click out of Instagram and go to your website, subscribe to your email list or buy your product.

This is for anyone looking to start their own content creating brand or company, or for any entrepreneur who is ready to up their online presence.


If you want to listen to the entire episode, click here.


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