The 5 Steps to a High Converting Funnel

Have you ever wondered how marketing pros and online entrepreneurs create sales funnels?

Have you ever wondered how the heck business owners get their sales funnel to even produce a sale?

Well I’m spilling the tea today and giving you the five steps to a highly converting sales funnel!

The Five Steps To a High Converting Funnel | Sales Funnels | Marketing Funnels | Marketing Online | Social Media Marketing | Digital Advertising | Selling Online

The Five Steps To a High Converting Funnel | Sales Funnels | Marketing Funnels | Marketing Online | Social Media Marketing | Digital Advertising | Selling Online

  1. A high-quality freebie

A high-quality freebie consists of around 4 parts:

  • Base your freebie (aka lead magnet) around your signature method. How do you get people results? What is a high-level overview of those steps? Put it in your freebie!

  • Over-deliver and provide massive value.

  • Include a section about yourself.

  • Include your OTO or tripwire on the last page. What’s an OTO? What’s a tripwire? Click here.

    2. A tripwire that aligns with the freebie

You need a tripwire that will align with what you’re teaching in your freebie and ultimately what you’re selling next in your sales funnel? What kind of tripwire will give them a mini transformation and almost set them up for success before buying your course or offer?

3. Nurturing your audience on social media and through email

The biggest mistake I see in sales funnels is having zero to little email follow up with your email list. Nurture them and provide value! Don’t set up your freebie and then forget about the people there! They will then forget about you.

4. An offer that’s proven and irresistible

Make sure your offer or course is proven, meaning other people have tried it and were successful. A large part of your success will be riding on your client’s success and your student’s success. People want to know that they can do it too and get similar results. Make sure your offer or course is irresistible, meaning the market wants it and it truly solves a huge pain point for them.

5. Create urgency and FOMO

Creating urgency around your offer will incentivize potential buyers to take action. Saying or giving off the vibe… “ok now here’s by product…buy whenever you feel like it”, isn’t going to sell your product or offer. Make them feel like they are seriously missing out if they don’t take action. Fear of missing out is fo’ real!

Ok did you like these tips? I have much more to share with you in the Funnel Babes Blueprint for Qualified Buyers! A free resource that I created for you, designed to help you map out your first sales funnel and start writing those emails!

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