Using Before and After Picture in Your Ads

Can you use before and after pictures in your Facebook ads?

The simple answer: Nope. It’s against Facebook’s advertising policy.

  1. To read more on this go here:

Are there ways to getting around this? YES.


How to Use Before and After Pictures in Your Facebook Ads and Still Comply to the Rules


Here are a few ideas on where to place your Before and Afters:

  • In the comments of your ad

  • In your email sequence

  • On your landing page

  • On your website

  • In your chatbot sequence

Getting ideas? Are the ones I just listed helpful?

How to add pictures in the comments of your ads:

  1. simply go into the ad campaign

  2. and on the ad level click the little box in front of the ad name and then hit “Preview”.

  3. From here there is a box with an arrow inside of it on the top left corner of the preview pop up (next to Ad Preview). Click that.

  4. and then click “Facebook Post with Comments”.

  5. Now you should be looking at your ad within the Facebook feed and can add a picture in the comments from here.

    This is also a great way for you to monitor comments on your ad. Always reply back to comments! Even if they are negative. You can also block/ban people at this point if they are spewing out negative comments for no reason. #hatersgonhate

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