Quick Wins For a Facebook Ad Newbie

My first tip for you would be to place your pixel on your website, I know I’ve talked about this before but this will tie into my second tip for when you’re targeting your warm audiences.
Ok now that you’re pixel is placed on your website I want you to go live on Facebook 3x a week for an entire month! YUP. You might be cringing but here’s why:

-Facebook lives will start generating an audience for you. This audience will be your video views audience and you’ll be able to target them in an ad + create lookalike audiences out of them.

-Facebook lives are an easy way for your audience to learn more about you FAST.

-Facebook lives allow you to connect to your warm audience on another level compared to emails.

-On a Facebook live you should focus on providing value rather than selling. Talking about the pain points, challenges, desires, etc. that your audiences face. Help them solve their problem. Give them quick wins and tangible things they can do.

What type of ad should you run when you’re first starting out with Facebook Ads?

Page Post Engagement Campaigns. Remember all of those live videos you did? Ok here’s where they come in handy. You can create a page post engagement campaign and select one of the videos you did on your page to advertise. Put a small budget behind this and pick your targeting. This will help generate more video views and page engagement to your cold audience.

What audience should you target when you’re first starting out with Facebook Ads?

Your warm audience. Since you have your Facebook pixel placed, your pixel will be tracking alllll of your website traffic and it will send that data back to your ads. We kinda touched on them briefly already but these are the people that are genuinely interested in what you have to say and have had already been watching you or engaging with you. These are Page Engagement, Video Views, Web Traffic, Your Email Subscriber list and an email list of people who have purchased from you. If you have a list of 100 or more, you can make lookalike audiences out of these on Facebook. Cool, right?

Now go crush some Facebook ads!

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