How To Drive Traffic Organically To Your Sales Funnel

I’m going to do offer some advice here that could put me out of business. But I’m all about offering value!

I hear people say…”I don’t have the budget for Facebook ads”.

You’re right and you’re not alone. A lot of new online entrepreneurs and business owners don’t have a huge marketing budget, but most aren’t willing to put in the work in order to promote their business or services organically.


Think of a webinar as your sales machine. Once somebody clicks on the webinar link, they are now in an automated process of education, marketing, and sales. If you don’t have money for ads, you can spend your time doing organic marketing strategies, and let the automated webinar do all the hard work once they click!

Here are some of my favorite organic traffic strategies.

  1. Put your funnel link in your Instagram bio.

  2. Promote your offer 1x week on IG by asking your followers to DM you for the link.

  3. Same with FB (through profile/groups/asking them to PM you).

  4. Podcast interviews – send everyone to your online workshop or free training (aka webinar).

  5. Through SEO/Blogging/Pinterest drive people to your content and have the link inside the content.

  6. Publish a free e-book on Kindle – include CTA’s to go watch the workshop/training/webinar within the book.

  7. Host your own summit with other influencers. Work together to promote the heck out of it.

Once you have a streamlined system of acquiring sales, automate that ish. Put some money back into your business and INVEST in ads! So what do you think, was this helpful?

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